Final Rating: 6.67. Finished 11 out of 211 entries.

452 views including the voting period.


Animator: Claude M Hurd

Description: Inspired by True Detective

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: a week


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philipp seis:

Interesting. The strange lipsynch and the head movements give him a neurotic touch. Nice approach !

Brian Heath:

this is really fun. I like how low set the characters mouth is

Jason Chan:

Love the hand gestures and that expressions with the head bobs on the last line!

Jay Smith:

Great secondary action, lip sync looks a bit funky and exaggerated. Nice work.

Sophie Bracmard:

Nice animation, but the lipsync is a bit exagerated. It looks out of control.

Philippe Duvin:

the animation is really great !! i love it. The lip-sync sounds a bit out of sync though ? Keep it up !!

Noyan Özkan:

there are some issues with mouth and lipsync but the rest is very fluid and fast. nice and fitting acting for the voice.


I like the hand gestures and expressions on this one. The flick of the cigarette at around frame 283 was well done. I think some of the mouth movements can be dialed back a bit, as they felt a bit too exaggerated at times. But overall, I like this piece. Great job!

Aaron Rivera:

Holy crap that facial movement! I love how you broke up the symmetry of the face to emphasize the dialog. It's considerably more lively than a lot of other entries but it works very well with the style and makes this feel like one of the most organic pieces thus far. Excellently done!

Joud Azzam:

WOW love the facial expressions, lips and the animation will done


I love that fingers that tap on the table! Great expressions!

Mahesh Waran:

why i doubt this guy to be a chimp!!
great pieace of work!!

Sean McDonald:

Great job!

Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan:

really nice touches! congratz!

Erika Johnsson:

Very nice facialmovement, altho at times it's a bit too exagerated. Together with the quick head movements it can give the head a flippyfloppy feel

Joshua Hart:

I really like the expression in the character!


this final head movement... so. cool. very god job !

Eric Buval:

maybe tone down the gestures just an eentsy weentsy bit and this would have been so awesome. 8/10

Kai Huai:

Good shot! One thing that caught me is, the way he gestures with his hand ( cigg ) He does not seems like the kinda guy that worries about his ash and might not need his ash tray. Overall is nicely polished, you might want to reduce the nodding or add different angles to the head gestures at the end. His brows seems to move too much and in synced with the action of his head. Maybe you can hold some of the brow poses..