Final Rating: 6.43. Finished 15 out of 211 entries.

551 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ole Christian Løken

Description: A detective is trying to help a woman in need

Experience: 1 year professionally

Time taken: 2 weeks more or less inbetween other stuff.


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philipp seis:

Lots a good stuff in this thing :)

Hassan Al Kazmi:

I guess you need more work on the timing, from somewhere at frame 170 to 240 there is too little going on, it almost feels like the story stops but the dialog keeps going. Also if you think composition wise, almost half your screen is the girl, and you keep her on hold for too many frames too often, you could just as well remove her, it would have looked better probably.

Sean McDonald:

Great job! Very appealing characters!

Aaron Rivera:

Just a handful of frames short of buttery smooth perfection, and even then it's superb! It's well drawn in a great style with great acting, expression, and framing. The lip sync suffers from the dip in framerate but otherwise this is a near-perfect entry.

Joseph Zach:

The first 110 frames were great. then after that it didnt feel finished.

Kai Huai:

Love the appeal in this shot! I think if the intent of the guy speaking is stronger/ clearer(now he look like he is speaking causally and at times speaking seriously). say... if he is speaking casually as he shove the notebook away.. then stay casual and not focus on her too much.. kinda shrug at his own comments. or... stay focus on her at the start of the scene, keep his eye on her as he do his stuffs.. and gestures with definite impact on her. Whichever choice, give the guy the clear intent and it will be greatness! :)

kishan Rathod: