Final Rating: 6.76. Finished 8 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: liltael

Description: Сool cowboy Richard is talking with his friend Mary. She broke up with her boyfriend and came to Richard to talk about it. Richard loves Mary but can't be with her because he prefer to live on the farm, but Mary likes life in the city.

Experience: About 3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Very nice animation. The whole look of this is great!

Steve Cook:

Really diggin' the style of this shot!

Sophie Bracmard:

Frame 334 is really weird. I guess it was meant to be an in-between but it stay to long so you can realy see it

Jonathan C.:

Great! How'd you convert it from 3d to 2d?

David Macatantan:

Great job.

The exaggeration at the end is almost there. Smooth it out more and it'll be great. A little anticipation in the face before would be a nice transition.

The animation in the hands are top notch.

Noyan Özkan:


Greg Stovell:

Nice piece.
Moving holds could us a bit of work.
and "that's the kind" seems a bit out of character. The rest is very well done.
Like the render mood.

Aaron Rivera:

ohh. Love the style here. The outlining really brings out the character. The animation is solid, as are the expressions, especially the snappy one at the beginning of "That's the kind of person worth sticking with." The hand movement is also spot on, with lots of little details like tapping the ash off the cigarette. Great job!

Sean McDonald:

This one is so good! The hand and fingers feel so natural.

Mahesh Waran:

very good !!
though the head looks jerky around frame 339
decrease in the antic will fix this :)

Amanda Hildisheim:

Great animation and color choice!
But be careful of choosing a background that is still.

Theron Chaplin:

Really well done! I'd love to know how to render something like this. Nice!