Final Rating: 6.15. Finished 24 out of 211 entries.

126 views including the voting period.


Animator: John Vaughn

Description: Old dog shares his wisdom

Experience: Not a lot

Time taken: Most evenings, learning to animate in Photoshop


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philipp seis:

Nice story ! The one pose looked as if he considered licking his balls, while listening :)


haha! we chose basically the same idea! i like it very much!

Jose Cortez:

its a cliff hanger

Greg Stovell:

nice! Great story and very high quality drawings. Love the reaction of the surprised dog - as well as the little girl. Love the expressions. Great piece!

Amanda Hildisheim:

Haha the second dog made me think of my dog back home. Nice clean lines. It's to bad I couldn't see the dog lip sync when his head was down. at least a movement to show he is talking.

Aaron Rivera:

Very nice! I like the shots and expressions here. Really help along the story. It's beautifully drawn as well, a huge plus for a traditional piece. I do think it could've used more movement in the bodies though, as they're mostly static while the heads and faces move smoothly, but it works out fine as is. Great job!

Puja kundu:

Loved the characters! :)


ADGTH love <3