Final Rating: 3.17. Finished 186 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Sydney Bennett

Description: This is my final project for my independent study animation course at Ferris State University. This semester was my first experience with animating. The 11 Second Club competition was a great way to end my semester!

Experience: Around 3 months.

Time taken: 2 weeks (class)


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Aaron Rivera:

Not a bad start. I like some of the details in the movement, particularly with the cigarette, but I feel like the drawings themselves need work. Some inconsistencies in the shapes make it look a little sloppy, like how the transition from the arm to the wrist changes the shape of the entire forearm at frame 441 to a concave stick. There is very little change in the expression throughout. The only things that move are the eyes and the mouth, which severely limit the emotion of the scene, and the lip sync is very basic. I feel like the corners of the mouth could be brought closer to articulate the "o" sounds better, like what you did at "with" in the last sentence. I also think the upper and lower lips are too perfectly mirrored and some variety in the mouth shape would also help with the expressions, as would eyebrow and eyelid movement. Again, not a bad place to start, just gotta work on some of the shapes and details.