Final Rating: 2.34. Finished 205 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Eric

Description: A short use of hands scene. Could use some polish, but not bad for a first try at animating anything, in my opinion

Experience: First semester college student.

Time taken: 5-7 hours during final projects.


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Creative take on the audio clip but sadly the hands seem disconnected with the quote

David Macatantan:

For an animation with only hands, the hands didn't really do much.

Sophie Bracmard:

You didn't even try, did you? I mean...just the hands? Really ?

Aaron Rivera:

An interesting exercise for learning hand animation, but not very suitable for the competition. I do like the detail you went to in the gestures, though the hands tend to stiffen up when they're flat on the table, If you try to flatten your hand against a table it usually cups back up easily, so try subtle movements when the hand is stationary to keep it natural.

Mahesh Waran:

and they said doing something different is very tough!