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Dad , I love you .

by arthurnal

Final Rating: 7.05. Finished 3 out of 211 entries.

14,567 views including the voting period.


Animator: arthurnal

Description: No man in the world can love everything you're like your dad.

Experience: 5 year

Time taken: 12 day


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Joseph Zach:

This is great, I am no where near your level, but I think maybe you could have pushed the facial expressions on the guy a little bit more. Really love the end.

philipp seis:

Good stuff in there. The materials are interesting.
Do you get the rubber effect with subsurface scattering ? The hug in the end is very touching,
and the guy has real weight. I'd only doublecheck the lipsynch timing in the beginning.

Chris Bull:

Nicely presented and subtle acting choices really work well. The lip sync lets it down unfortunately, not being quite in time.

Omid Rajabalipour:

Great job! I really like the hug at the end. Lip sync needs a fair bit of improvement but that's nothing a bit of practice won't take care of :)

Sophie Bracmard:

Really like it! Really sweet and delicate.

Fabian Rosenkranz:

Nice mood, very good framing and camera work. Nice poses, too.

Shark Bait:

I really like the composition and the staging!

Joud Azzam:

Awesome nice work love the emotion and the facial expressions but you need more work on the lips over all nice work

Isai Calderon III:

Great job! I will suggest pushing the mouth shapes a lot more, especially if dad has such a small mouth.

Also, dad takes up a lot of space in the frame (he's a big guy), so it feels quite tight. I suggest pulling back in the first shot, then push in on the last shot. Keep in mind the "breathing room" above his head as well. I believe these two notes should push your shot quite a lot :)

Happy animating!


This is gorgeous and touching- tightening up the lip sync would have cinched this for me.

Mahesh Waran:

great! work!
but the step cut standing of the character can cost you stars!

April Slocombe:

The lip sync could have done with a bit more work by making the man's mouth open more for the majority of the dialogue but the poses and facial expressions are great and the animation is not overdone.

Jayvon Gomes:

great display of emotion!

Ruth Agada:

Aww, i love this

Merlyn Moynagh:

wow what a hug! nice job!

William Sperling:

Some good subtle animation there. The lip syncing could use some work though.

Kai Huai:

Love the direction of this piece. The guy acting is too neutral, if he look more genuinely concern it will give a more convincing acting. Maybe squint or furrow brows and a tighter lip.. The girl transition to the hug is unclear. she probably look higher and bursting to tears at frame 340 and head towards a hug after cutting to wider shot. Looking really great! Add stronger emotion / expressions as this is a subtle piece. It will look even moreee AWESOME!! :)