Final Rating: 6.88. Finished 4 out of 211 entries.

13,625 views including the voting period.


Animator: Luke Burnet

Description: Ive started too late, I thought I will not find time to finish it but I forced myself to do it and decided to sleep less :)

Experience: every year one year more :)

Time taken: 2 weeks and half, nights after work, weekends


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Davit Martirosyan:


Jakub Kupčík:

I cant find anything bad to say about this, truly deserved 11 stars youre about to get from me.

philipp seis:

He makes some very convincing gestures. Nice !

sebastian ciubuca:

real talent is hard to find....Luckass Bur...t, famous animator...tra la la

Sophie Bracmard:

Great animation but the lipsync is so out of sync..

Philippe Duvin:

Super awesome acting !! a couple times, his mouth stay open without any reason and that's a bit distracting like a the frame 35, 138 or 215.

Noyan Özkan:

that was so nice.

Shark Bait:

Nice acting, but be careful with the lip sync

Nik Ottinger:

this animations really nice! I think only the lips are a little off, but I really like the acting choices


Good acting choices! Lipsync needs a lot of work. Good job!

Mahesh Waran:

the perfect acting choice :)
didnt get the aah mouth near frame 45

Con Koumis:

hope this wins


cool acting, dude !

Eric Buval:

Magnificent. I want to vote everyone else as 0 after seeing this. You spent a great amount of time on this. 10/11 almost perfect in all ways.

Kevin Nguyen:

nice acting, i like it. This should be top 5 ! good job

Kai Huai:

Looking really lovely!! The overall choice for the scene is great! One thing I realise is that, he looked away at every pause and response after looking away. Maybe you can try fixate the eyes for one of the pause, and break away from look away for thought process. Around frame 270 to 290, the head action is unclear as it bobs. You can polish that and it will looks awesome! Towards the end 300-357, the spacing gets a little clunky. Polish them! I realise that the shoulders did not move much through out the shot. Maybe you can look into that :D Overall, this piece look great, just some polishing and maybe amped up the facial expression contrast and it will look AWESOMOUSE!