Final Rating: 4.46. Finished 108 out of 211 entries.

30 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shahin Ghahremani

Description: A bartender who is giving advice to his drunk friend!

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: sometimes in evenings


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philipp seis:

bartenders ... :)

Mahesh Waran:

great storytelling skills !

Stafford Ahartz:

A great entry, but the lip sync is off by a few frames in parts.

Daniel Keeble:

Got some nice animation in there but you hid half of it with the bottle at the start!! Move it and let us enjoy what's going on :D Nice work. Keep it up!

Merlyn Moynagh:

Wow! I love the second camera shot, where he grabs a bottle from above the frame. Really great choice there! The head feels a bit dead in the first shot, very still, not enough subtle movement. I would like it a bit more if we could still see his head turn a bit from camera 1 to camera 2, to get that continuity a bit more. Frame 247 to 267, the bearded man rests his head on his arm a bit too slowly as his arm gets into 'position' far before the head reaches it. I would play with the head/ neck fingers and wrist a bit more between those frames, as well as add a bit more movement to the still body so it doesn't feel disconnected.

Very ambitious piece! I certainly like the feel