Final Rating: 3.53. Finished 171 out of 211 entries.

14 views including the voting period.


Animator: sarah

Description: We all have heart ache and need that one friend to pull us out and set us straight.

Experience: one year

Time taken: 1 week


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philipp seis:

Hehe, smart stratefy this guy has there....

Jonathan C.:

Lots of potential here! One thing that threw it off a bit was the man's voice coming out of a little boy's body. Also, the movements seem a little to slow. Great job though!

Aaron Rivera:

Pretty good! The movement and acting on the girl is pretty spot on. The problems mostly come with the man. The movement seems rather stiff, especially in the hands, which barely move from their open position. The expression can be a bit hard to read at times because of the angle of the head, but that might be remedied by a more dynamic camera angle. By far the best part of this entry is the lip sync, which is spot on. A solid entry that needs some tweaking.