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A Person Who Loves You

by Viktor Petrov

Final Rating: 4.78. Finished 77 out of 211 entries.

28 views including the voting period.


Animator: Viktor Petrov

Description: With this piece, I wanted to emulate an intimate face-to-face conversation. I focused on subtle but expressive facial acting.

Experience: I'm a second year animation student.

Time taken: 3 weeks.


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Jakub Kupčík:

What I see is done nicely, the thing that bothers me is what I dont see - that is the rest of his body. You just animated the head and the face, and even though nicely, it lacks some sort of body language, gestures, to really sell it.

philipp seis:

nice !

Nic Parker:

Your lip-sync is on point!! Good job!

Aaron Rivera:

Pretty solid facial animation, though I think the competition is more about full body animation and acting than just the face. If given the right story or setting it could work, but as is it's not really appropriate.