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Relationship Advice

by Kyle

Final Rating: 4.66. Finished 87 out of 211 entries.

24 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kyle

Description: A late-night talk show host gives some personal advice to one of his troubled callers.

Experience: About 5 years

Time taken: About 16 hours


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philipp seis:

good setting.

David Macatantan:

Good animation.

Hand movements are kind of fast. You could let them flow together with arm movements.

Not enough facial animation for this dialogue. Eyebrow don't really move. They could lift at times for a more sincere acting.


maybe too much movements of the head, he appears a little bit drunk, but great expressions!

Mahesh Waran:

good one!
the weight of the mug should fix this

Meng-Syuan Sie:

The facial expression is not clear enough to figure out what the character is thinking.

Diane Aarts:

only thing I wanna add is make the wall lighter so the mic reads, it's nearly the same tone.