Final Rating: 4.65. Finished 88 out of 211 entries.

23 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrea

Description: A bittersweet pep talk from an older 'veteran' who may have experienced similar heartache.

Experience: 6

Time taken: 1.5 weeks


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philipp seis:

a friend in need is a friend indeed ;)

Jon Coppock:

Strong story telling

Omid Rajabalipour:

Nice work here, I really like the idea. One thing I'd say is to not have the guy in green lift his head up as soon as the other guy starts to speak, that threw me off a little bit. Your acting ideas are great, but some of the poses could be pushed and held a bit more.

Nik Ottinger:

Nice! I think the action at the beginning when the guy in the green shirt puts his hands to his face could happen a little earlier because right now it happens to in sync with "in my opinion" and it looks like he's saying it.

Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan:

the body movments are great but I tried to improve the lipsing! good job!

David Macatantan:

Odd acting choices.

William Sperling:

It looks like you just ran out of time. Some ok animation in the middle. the ending looks a bit like it is just auto keyed. In the beginning the character on the left looks as though he is looking for something on the ground instead of just walking away.