Final Rating: 3.62. Finished 163 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Craig Gullen

Description: Dr Jon Harrison giving a lecture on Love, Lost and how to respect yourself to find love again.

Experience: 3 years as a student in Sydney, no industry experience as of yet

Time taken: On and off over the month


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Mike M.:

I like you setting, it establishes the scene, but track in to the speaker when he finalizes the point.

David Macatantan:

The keyframes have some potential to make a great performance.

The camera angle irks me a lot. Put your main actor on solid, flat ground please.

Moving the chest isn't enough. Rotate the it forward to give a good looking arc for the spine.

Like I said before great keyframes but you could use some solid break downs.

Jon Coppock:

much of the hand movements feel stiff and need work on the arcs, also the hands don't find natural positions and seem to work against eachother.

Michael Condie:

Bad mood! Lol

April Slocombe:

Bit of a cliched pose on "Bad moods" but the waving on "good mood" was new and different and I like the staging as well.

Billy Kerrigan:

The camera is tilted.