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someone who loves you.....

by david

Final Rating: 2.55. Finished 200 out of 211 entries.

51 views including the voting period.


Animator: david

Description: An advice.

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 15 days


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philipp seis:

He's slightly hyperactive. Happens to the best of us at full moon.

Omid Rajabalipour:

A lot of over-acting going on here. Not sure if that was your "comedic" intention but I would definitely suggest practising primitive exercises and nailing them down before attempting more complex movements. You gotta be patient but it'll be worth it, nail the fundamentals and within no time you'll be a good animator!

Jon Coppock:

over exagerated, comes across as fake and unnatural. Needs to be toned way down.

Mike M.:

I think your animation would work better if you kept the exaggerations to a minimum; it's too jerky.

Aaron Rivera:

The movement is very jerky and sometimes robotic. I do like the movement at "loves you" and the finger point on "exactly what you are". But most of the other movements have too much going on. I don't know why he would extend his arm like he does in the beginning, or why would walk nearly out of shot only to turn back, or why he would bob his head, fall down, and jump back up with his fist to the sky. This might make more sense in the context of a rallying speech or sermon, but it doesn't fit the quiet mood of the audio.