Final Rating: 6.86. Finished 5 out of 211 entries.

12,088 views including the voting period.


Animator: amir

Description: Psychoanalysis

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 12 days


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Bailey Easson:

Really well done! Fluid movements and expressions. Sets the tone very nicely.

philipp seis:

nice !

Omid Rajabalipour:

Some great ideas here but I think the doc moves a bit too much! some of the actions feel forced... or it's as if he needs to pee! I think some increased holds should do it. Nice job!

Fabian Rosenkranz:

Good poses and some nice movements, but the man is moving too much and lacks some accentuation.

Aaron Rivera:

Absolutely fantastic. This is just so casual and natural. Especially the way he moves in the seat to get more comfortable. Fantastic job!

Mahesh Waran:

super acting choices
one thing
may be he should weight shift once!

Sophie Bracmard:

The chair might be moving a bit too much.

April Slocombe:

Excellent animation, lip sync and poses throughout. I especially like the man taking off the glasses and the camera angle switching to the girl.

Sean McDonald:

Great job!

Karthik Nagarajan:

Loved it. Especially the insert shot of the girl. The only thing that i find odd is the camera choice for the last shot. Personally I would have preferred it to be a close up of the man. Great animation nonetheless. Especially the man shifting in the chair. Adds a lot to the performance!

André Boulet:

Excellent animation! Just remember that the character doesn't need to be moving all the time. His movements make him look too fidgety to fit the dialogue.

Merlyn Moynagh:

try to tone down his movements a bit, as hes very fidgety for such a somber dialogue. lip sync shapes for "in my opinion" doesn't match the dialogue. Very nice glasses movement! I loved it when he adjusted himself while sitting in the chair. keep it up.

Diane Aarts:

great stuff, the chair wobble is a nice touch.

David Macatantan:

Give me time to relax. So much was going on that I wasn't able to feel the animation.

Matthew Kenyon:

too much movement


wowwwwww :O that's all I have to say.