Final Rating: 4.47. Finished 106 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Ken Chee Chia

Description: The guy read the book, he give his opinion for the book

Experience: 1 year 4 mouth

Time taken: 3 week


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Davit Martirosyan:

Animation is not bad, but Ik hands and elbows distroied everything. Pay more attantion hands and elbows animation, and also use FK hands, when it's nessesary. Good Luck, i like your acting choice)

philipp seis:

I bet this guy isn't married.


too bad we don't feel the book's weight..

Chris Bull:

A shame the lip synch appears to be off here as most of this piece works fairly well. Not sure why he picks up the book and handles it like he does, it seems a distraction from what he's saying.