Final Rating: 5.38. Finished 48 out of 211 entries.

50 views including the voting period.


Animator: Scott Waddington

Description: Take his advice, or not. It's just his opinion.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 4 days


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philipp seis:

Good one. Nice acting !

Philippe Duvin:

nice acting, you should try to keep his eyes a bit less wider.

Aaron Rivera:

This one is superbly done! Maybe a little added movement to the legs would've helped but this is near perfect from what I can tell.


I like how you posed and staged this character, really gave a good impression that he was thinking. One thing I thought needed some work on is the eyes - I think they are a little too wide open. But nonetheless, good job!

Isai Calderon III:

This is nice! I'll suggest at the beginning when his hand is on his mouth, you can pull the head up a bit so we can see his mouth movement clearly. Also, remember that eye-lids track the pupil, especially when we're in a relaxed state. Only lift the the upper eye-lid to accentuate an action.

Happy animating!

Anurag Sahu:

nice animation with smooth