Final Rating: 4.00. Finished 139 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Giulia

Description: One of my first frame by frame animations. I've learned very much from making this, also thanks to my supervisor who helped me a lot and learned me many new things.

Experience: I'm a student and at the moment an intern

Time taken: 24 days


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Mahesh Waran:

good.. framing needs work though :)

Aaron Rivera:

I like the acting, very heartfelt and helpful, and some of the angles are well thought out, especially the close-up on the kid and sideview at the end, though I think there are too many cuts. I think you would've been better off using the good establishing shot of the pier that you used when he shrugged, and simply add the shrug to the "good mood, bad mood" shot. Otherwise it just jumps around a little too much. As for the characters, their shapes aren't very consistent and so it makes them feel kinda sloppy. The neck on the older man especially tends to morph into his right shoulder. Whatever the case, this is a solid start. Work on consistency and shape building.

Erika Johnsson:

I liked the feel of this animation, with the flimering and such. Didn't really like tho that the background sometimes went thru the characters themselfs