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Friends To The End


Final Rating: 5.26. Finished 33 out of 175 entries.

477 views including the voting period.



Description: While doing his reaper-ly duties, Mr. Grim faces many obstacles and adventures trying to get skeleton back to his grave. But he makes an unexpected friend along the way.
Minion Rig by Sergio (CG Meetup)
MooM Rig by Ramtin (CreativeCrash)

Experience: 4 years graduating BAA Animation

Time taken: 7days


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Eric Raffle:

need more work on your lip-sync

Jordan Zambrano:

Love the facial and body movement of the characters, it really shows personality to each one. The white model's walk cycle could use a bit of work especially near the torso. The minion's body and facial movements are my favorite and is really well done (especially the lip sync).