Final Rating: 2.44. Finished 162 out of 175 entries.

431 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shawn Witter

Description: This is just a simple animation from an amateur animator.

Experience: 4 Months

Time taken: 1 Month


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Eric Raffle:

this was not ready for the competition there is no reason for those camera movements I don't know why you did that, your character movement and actions had no purpose and you needed a better storyline as this one was not clear at all

Jed B.:

Are they stuck in some invisible goo?

Jeffrey A Mcrae:

The mouths are definitely sync up with the audio but I don't notice much expression from the mouth such as lip shaping or facial expressions. Also the animation itself is very slow paced and robotic like compared to how human beings would normally move.

Jordan Zambrano:

Yeah, there is a lot of stiff movement in this one. I suggest more fluid movement to the arms, hands, torso, and everything were else on the rig. The camera movement isn't really effective in this scene. Maybe you could have had two different cameras for each character and edit it together so when one character speaks, the camera cuts to the other character that is about to speak.

Corey Grayson:

The camera is too far away. I can't see their mouths well and the movement is pretty stiff.