Final Rating: 2.95. Finished 141 out of 175 entries.

318 views including the voting period.


Animator: suryateja

Description: Two friends are coming in car. suddenly petrol completed and one guy will push the car and other guy will handle the steering.the discussion among them is the story.

Experience: learner

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Matt Herbert:

Work on better staging in order to showcase the acting of the characters.

Brady Green:

Nice camera work, now work on the animation!

Craig Portnoy:

Staging needs to be changed. Really hard to see what the characters are doing

Justin Jones:

I couldn't quite tell what was going on in this until a few seconds in. The shot is simply too far away, and the silhouettes didn't really stand out too well. Might have been better to show the characters closer up.

Corey Grayson:

There doesn't seem to be much hand gestures and body language happening. I think that would have made it more interesting. I like the setting, though.