Final Rating: 6.45. Finished 9 out of 175 entries.

2,199 views including the voting period.


Animator: Siddhartha Ahearne

Description: Two friends arriving at the airport after traveling in the Super Saver's "K Class".

Experience: 5+

Time taken: 2 weeks on and off


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Kiefer Paulson:

not sure what the story is with the van strapped to the plane. good animation though

Eric Raffle:

nice one,good use of camera movement it looked real and professional, great storyline , most people forget that its your storyline that sells the animation, your motion was good and you even had time to render out your scene its a good example of what a animation should look like and feel, keep up the good work


"Kombi class" ............LOL
well done 3d animation, expressions, b/g, lightning, camera cuts
one of the top

Jed B.:

Watch the jumps/clicks. 70-71, 43-44, 61-63. Otherwise one of the best so far. Fun acting.

Joshua Tucker:

Animation and lip sync are really good but the background is fantastic.

Andrew Stovesand:

idea and execution are really nice! Some hitching in the animation is the only thing throwing me off. Great camera work