Final Rating: 2.57. Finished 158 out of 175 entries.

309 views including the voting period.


Animator: Georgina Minns

Description: 2 Snails are venturing back from a long journey across the garden

Free Snail rig used

Experience: 2 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Kiefer Paulson:

these snails are going so fast!

Eric Raffle:

no where near ready for a competition and its not hard to make two snails move lice that and its not realistic at all, it looks like you took a snail and put it on a line path and rendered out your scene, you need a storyline plot you need real movement on a snail and you need some actions and you didn't have any of these quality's, have a look at
this on youtube its a start in the right direction if your
serious about becoming a real animator

Paul Rodriguez:

Snails had no facial animation.

Justin Jones:


Nicole Brettell:

Snails need mouths, and visible eyes! But good animation!

Alec Durant:

theres nothing here to look at..

Sebastian Vasquez:

Good render!