Final Rating: 5.73. Finished 19 out of 175 entries.

838 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nassim Briedj

Description: A new friendship was born after a long and perilous adventure ...

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 12 days


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Martin Strom:

I like when the wolf turns around with his head and talking to him. But I get the feeling the guy isn't really on his back for some reason. Probaply it has something to do with his weight. Otherwise, cute idea!

Kiefer Paulson:

nice use of characters! I can't help but noticing the hyper-extension on the wolf's front right paw though.... and his back left paw goes through his front left. decent work though.

Eric Raffle:

you needed to do some research of like people on horses or animations where they are sitting on another character because you had no motion in the legs there should be some sway in the legs and some adjustment for the legs on the human for the dogs walking motion , other then that it was readable.

Craig Portnoy:

More overlapping on the guy would of added a lot

Justin Jones:

Fairly good animation! Walking animation with 4 legs can be a challenge, and looks great! The storyboarding could have been set up differently to show the characters closer-up, but that's the only critique I can think of.

Jordan Gross:

Those are actually good rigs, I like how they move and talk naturally. I would have rated this higher if there was a skybox

John Jefferson:

Is that Batlo!?!?!!?!?!