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travel and survival

by jojo pandit

Final Rating: 4.84. Finished 47 out of 175 entries.

449 views including the voting period.


Animator: jojo pandit

Description: two guys survival in ocean and come at beach.

Experience: 4.5 yr

Time taken: 1 week 4 days......but rendering taking too long time


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Eric Raffle:

the scene render is way too bright it off putting, your motion seems fine but not enough facial expression into your characters


like this 3d

Grant Lamb:

The "But uhhh" hold is a bit distractingly long...

John Jefferson:


- Great idea for the animation

- Models look nice

- Animation flows definetly well, with some exceptions.

- Expressions are animatied ok.

- Lipsynching is alright.

- Great job animating the water as well.

- Ends the scene perfectly.


- Sometimes their expressions either jump instantly from one to another, or worse, just hang and make them kind of dead eyed.

roy cobn:

the zoom out should be some kind of a surprise? well i don't feel it if it is,,,

Jordan Gross:

Good character movement while speaking, and good use of the background info on the bags. The only thing I recommend is adding a background

Martin Strom:

I like the idea of being on a raft. The water looks good. But I feel the lip-sync seems pretty much the same on the chubby guy. I think it could have been more emotion on his mouth when he talks.