Final Rating: 8.20. Finished 2 out of 175 entries.

14,046 views including the voting period.


Animator: Borja Montoro

Description: Two guys finally reach the shore after several weeks rowing...

Experience: 25+ years

Time taken: About three weeks, during my spare time


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wow awesome 2d. reminds me of old disney movies

Kiefer Paulson:

I hope you're proud of yourself. this is great work

Eric Raffle:

nice work great job

Matt Herbert:

Fantastic fx animation!

Sarah Kenny:

Wow, the wind movement alone in this is amazing! Until I approached the end I also thought it was made using 3d software, with effects added during the render. Realizing this was made in the traditional way just added to the wow factor!

Christina Halstead:

Fabulous! Awesome lip sync and cloth draftsmanship!


another awesome 2d ......... ha ha ha deciding judges
are going to have a tough time this month.
a great job

Siddhartha Ahearne:

Nice work, it deserved a finished final scene.
The trembling head during "really appreciate" I find it a bit too much, Just "really" would've been fine and more natural.
The head movement during "done, you..." could have been ahead of lip sync up to 6 frames, the way it is now it seems they're both late.
Overall, good job, congrats!



Jackie Honorio:

Great ! Like a classic cartoon!


It can be first place and deserve it.

roy cobn:

this is by far the best ive seen in a long time.a true "living" animation!!!respect!!!

Mag Magnet:

I would love to watch a full-length movie about these guys!

Justin Jones:

Holy man, this is brilliance! This is some excellent quality animation! I loved every second of this! I can tell lots of time went into this, and looks like it paid off well! Best of luck to you in the competition! I really hope this wins.

Zeeshan Karimi:


Alen Burazerovic:

I just wanted to say great piece of animation:)

Mallo Ryker:

I like the characters. You did a great work on clothes. But there's a problem on staging. Both characters are in the same side of screen, sounds like each one is navigating in a different log boat. Lipsync was missed on the final take. Good luck!

Irisa Hou:

Beautiful drawings! Mouth poses could be a little stronger to take advantage of the accents in dialogue.