Final Rating: 6.56. Finished 8 out of 175 entries.

4,953 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tabia Lees

Description: One man does whatever it takes to get his alien friend back home.


Human Rig provided by Ringing College. Cyclops Rig provided by Michael Trikosko.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Eric Raffle:

the alien characters pose in the shot where he rests his arm on his shoulder looks too exaggerated he must be double jointed because its not the right pose I would have chosen a arm on leg pose or hips but that's my opinion.

Matt Herbert:

This animation is good! Watch out for the surface violation there at the end when the guy leans on the alien..... unless of course the alien's skin would allow it. Who am I to presume to know about the physical properties of alien skin?

Craig Portnoy:

One thing I noticed is the guys fingers feel really stiff. Lighing is really nice.

Martin Strom:

I think we have a winner!

Jed B.:

Lot's good here. His elbows look like they are stuck to the side of his body. Or they hurt so he doesn't want to let them loose.

Mag Magnet:

The cyclops-laugh at the end is so friggin' cute. Great job!

Kristen Adams:

The guy's arm stays in a really weird position at the end there. Other than that, though, it's really good!


It's good, but here is what is stopping me from loving it: there doesn't seem to be any weight when he puts his arm on the alien. (and it goes through the alien's skin) Fix that and you'll have a great piece :)

Harry G:

Nice. The anim looks good up until frame 69, after that the right hand of the guy looks too stiff.