Final Rating: 1.55. Finished 174 out of 175 entries.

668 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alan Blouin

Description: Tree Rex from Skylander comes to life

Experience: some

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Roman Atrash:

No audio, story is unclear. cam tracking is ok though )

Nassim Briedj:

?????? - - ' ???

Kiefer Paulson:

great job compositing your 3d model into live film! too bad this is the 11 second club.... take your work to youtube.

Matt Herbert:

The animation, tracking and compositing are great, but where is the sound? I couldn't tell if this submission was specific for this competition, so I couldn't rate it high.


Not ready for the competition

roy cobn:

again-an unrelated entry

Mag Magnet:


Justin Jones:

I don't even know if the animation was even yours in this one... but it had nothing to do with the competition either.

John Jefferson:

I ONLY give this a one star because of the lack of audio and not part of this month's contest, because other wise I would give this a good.

Shark Bait:



people really need to read the contest description...


Awesome work! But..........Post it somewhere else. This has got nothing to do with this months competition.