Final Rating: 3.56. Finished 98 out of 175 entries.

305 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paulo A Alvarez Fernandez

Description: the agent crhis have a new mission : protect his friend Arnold from the jackuza's gangsters . in this escene both are scaping in the tokio streets. Unfortunately they couldnt get the ferrari in time , so they started tu run by foot .

Experience: 5 months

Time taken: 10 days


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Eric Raffle:

you have got poses in there that are just not realistic , you need to act out your scene in real life before you start animating because there were a lot of unreadable movements in there

Jordan Zambrano:

I love the concept of the scene and how you put it together. The thing that needs improvement is the transition of movement for each character; for example, the neck on the guy that was bending down and the way he moves his arms when he gets up. The guy with the gun is good but needs more smoother transitions in movement as well. Facial movement is really well done too.

Eugene Johnson:

Overall the animation was good but the first model had one eye closed when the video first started that the only little problem that I saw. The video is good