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Jorney through the desert


Final Rating: 6.95. Finished 5 out of 175 entries.

7,121 views including the voting period.



Description: Two big friends, a camel and his master!

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 4 days part-time


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superb work. did you draw frame by frame. great work and best of luck.

Matt Herbert:

I like the camel's mouth movement! Well done.


wow one of the best entries in hand made animation.
it could be more interesting if the clip had another
cut from a different angle but for an 11 sec clip one
camera view is all right too.
Love it, both "faces" expressions are great,
nicely done secondary action as well
could be the winner
Bravo !

Chris Tarrant:

This is great :)

Jed B.:


Mag Magnet:

Best entry I've seen so far! I especially love the camel's design/lipsync.

Justin Jones:

I'm loving this! Great work here, and best of luck in the competition!

Nicole Brettell:

Like the camel!

Siddhartha Ahearne:

Very nice, my only critique here is that the man seems a little contained, he just settles back throughout, I miss a head movement breaking out of the walk cycle pattern, like you did with camel.

Mallo Ryker:

Great animation! The best one so far. The cloth sounds like a pig opening e closing his mouth.

Alec Durant:

love it

Harry G:

Looks nice, but not really much happening. The end lip sync is off when the camel says "let's go first class"