Final Rating: 6.14. Finished 11 out of 175 entries.

71,239 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kentaro Niina

Description: Turtles took a city tours for the first time.
It was so exciting especially when they went across the road.

Experience: over 10years

Time taken: about 20hours


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Eric Raffle:

need more work on your speech its what lost a lot of points I liked your scene and the motion of your characters and your plot but they needed more believable speach


love it
soft rendering
lip sync
I think you are going to land as one of the top animation for April 2015.
I've a friend who's crazy about turtles, i'm gonna show him your clip

Nicole Brettell:

Interesting Animation! Like the turtles.

Corey Grayson:

I love how the other turtle in the very back is just done for the day haha. Great body language and facial expressions. The sounds of the cars on the pavement is a nice touch too. This is amazing!