Final Rating: 1.77. Finished 172 out of 175 entries.

463 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dallas Presley

Description: This is my final project for my beginning animation class.

Experience: Very Little

Time taken: 1 week


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Eric Raffle:

this is not ready for the competition, there is no storyline and no movement , you are meant to act out the scene and get your movement onto the character before you do lip-sync, very poor show

Jorge Duran Llanos:

study the 12 principles of animation


not ready I guess

Justin Jones:

Man, if only animation was about simply animating the mouth movement... however, there's more to animation than just that. DBZ did it better.

Jeffrey A Mcrae:

The lip sync itself was pretty good but you the scene itself is a bit boring, You could've done with a bit of body movement to make your scene a bit more interesting to look at.

Maurice Haywood Jr.:

add some body movement