Final Rating: 4.22. Finished 116 out of 290 entries.

496 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jordan Lewers

Description: A disappointed hitman teaches his victim a lesson in "dying".

Experience: ~3 years

Time taken: Roughly a week or two, overall


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Justin Jones:


Donald Marks:

decent, very pose to pose. Some nice ease in and out of those poses would be nice, and some overlapping animation.

Dan Harriman:

A good choice of poses throughout! The timing is very same-ish through-out the whole thing however. Try watching it with the sound off :)

Martial Andre:

I think that your character on the foreground is moving to much and it gets my attention more than the guy with the gun, which is the main character on the shot.
"I mean they be like" the movement seems to big, i think you should reduced it, it would give you more impact on "We gonna kill you".
But looks like a great advanced blocking

Imon Branch:

where is the eyes not much details at all.