Final Rating: 5.22. Finished 49 out of 290 entries.

568 views including the voting period.


Animator: Virgilio Vasconcelos

Description: I always say that, man... You shoud've listened to me.

Experience: I'm a professional animator

Time taken: 3 weeks in my spare time


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Geoff Simmonds:

Nice setup. Very convincing "In the car scene" and I like the idea of the dead guy and his head coming off.


uhh.. a bit extreme.. lol

Ali Everitt:

I laughed. Great acting.

Laura Frost:

Great interpretation of the dialogue! Making the character on the left dead totally changes the personality of the speaking character. At the end when the dead guy's head falls off the main character is still speaking and looks across at the empty space where the head was. Maybe he could have looked across, realised the head wasn't there and finished telling the sentence to the head on the ground?

Dan Harriman:

My favourite takes on the audio have been of the motor-mouth guy who's just talking without seeming to grasp the reality of what's happening. And this is the best execution of that idea so far! This is really entertaining!

Imon Branch:

what the point of the other character.