Final Rating: 1.89. Finished 279 out of 290 entries.

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Animator: Meridith Winterfeld

Description: Decided to show off my model of the 10th Doctor. He was my exiting project for school.

When I heard the audio, I couldn't resist building a Dalek.

His rigging had some problems... for example his lip controls were having problems.

Experience: Student 2 years

Time taken: sculpting: 1 1/2 months; rigging: 1 month; animating: 4 hours


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Frank Geadah:


Kaylee Banco:

Character is very stiff. Needs more movement as he talks.

Thomas Holcombe:

keep working

Iain Wilson:


Shawn Martin:

The lip sync wasn't really there it was more just the mouth up and down no words were represented

william johnson:

next time you should make your characters move this guy is really stiff and it looks awkward

Imon Branch:

it lacks body movement