Final Rating: 7.32. Finished 5 out of 290 entries.

22,318 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohamed Thanish

Description: He knows how to handle the situation. Let it to the professionals ;)

Experience: A few years

Time taken: Couple of weekends and a few nights after work.


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Frank Geadah:

Nicely done, maybe just a little too realistic...


Well done!

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice acting feels natural...I would speed up some of the transitions a tic to make it punch a little more. Nice work!

Isadora Morales Chaves:

Nice body acting. Really smooth

Robert Firestone:

Nice work!

OceanicBoy Joey:

cool. the subtle is not bad

Mark Mingo:

I like the motion, the reaction, and the timing

Michael McKnight:

Incredibly smooth animation and lip sync, almost professional level. Could benefit from having another character work off of, but overall it's very well done.

Emily Swint:

I really enjoyed the personality of the character in this animation and the time taken on just that sole character. There were a few spaztic movements but that was about it.

Fernando Incetta:

Great attitude and body language. Ican tell you did this with a good video reference.

Guillaume Gimbert:

great gangsta gestures!

Joel Murphy:

This character has such personality! Great work! It's so realistic I wasn't sure if this was motion capture!!! I figured I'd give you the benefit of the doubt and let that speak for your animation skills! I believe this to be a clear winner! Thanks for your hard work, and for providing a great source of inspiration! *RESPECT* "I will never wash my eyes again!!!!"

After watching this one a lot, I noticed after he says, "Then I'd be like dead..." There's a beat, and his left foot pops up at the heal for just a second. Not sure if that was intentional.
Everything else is so gorgeous, I couldn't deduct anything! There's not enough stars!

Dominic Rayner:

Animated from reference? The eyes and face are a bit neglected, last lipsynch on 'leave' doesn't hit the v. The hands are ok, but some stiffness in parts with fingers. But you should do very well with this, it is very good

Valentious Williams:

felt abit mocaped but nice .

Imon Branch:

that the best one i seen so far

Naga Anim:

superb acting :)


amazing work

Robin Tamura:

Great work! I love the attitude. My only point of critisizm would be that I feel like his arms and overall movement could be a bit more sloppy and loose looking, especially when he drops his arms after gestures, or when does that step at 156. It looks a bit to slow and smooth to me for this character. Maybe that's just me.