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by Max Loubaresse, April Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.05. Finished 1 out of 290 entries.

103,203 views including the voting period.


Animator: Max Loubaresse

Description: Inspired by true events... probably.
First time I post something on this website :)

Experience: 2 years as 3D animator for tv

Time taken: Couple of hours... every evening for two weeks :)


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he moves very robotic at the begin. After that is pretty nice :)

Donald Marks:

Love this! The only critiques I can give is that the bit that starts around frame 72, (his eye darts, and on to the first cut) is just a taaaaddd too jerky for my taste. Maybe make those movements just a couple frames longer but have them ease in and out more. This can help alleviate some dead space in the animation where the character looks completely still. Awesome, my favorite so far! Also that first head shake at the beginning seems like the rhythm could be better there. I feel like im not reading the head shake as well as I could here.


Very well done! This actually made me laugh


Ha! This is fantastic! Good Job!


This was awesome

Gabriel Vieira:

This is awesome.

Mike Schanbacher:

WINNER! Awesome! My only critique is that there's just a little too much movement in the first half...its still great, and snappy animation...matches the audio perfectly. Nice work!

OceanicBoy Joey:

cool, not bad! love the rendering and effects too.

Fernando Incetta:

This is awesome. My favourite so far.

Divyam Chand:

What a punch in the ideation.....man....I loved it.... and the dead pose is also so funny...good work :)

Jason Wellings:

An interesting one for me. I love the look of this shot, the dead pose is amazing, the thugs are great and I really like the end. The only part I struggle with is the beginning and how "stepped" it feels. It's very pose to pose while the rest of the shot isn't like that. Even the ending of the main character feels much more fluid than the beginning. It's hard to tell if it was done by choice or not. Top 5 but I can't tell if it should be my winner or not lol

Good luck and awesome stuff :)

Shark Bait:


Michael McKnight:

Animation and lip sync are fantastic overall, and the scene is very creatively done.

Anaïs Mirliaz:

One of my favorites ! I feel like the beginning is a bit overacted and choppy, but the rest is awesome !

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

one of the better 3d ones i've seen so far. Really well done!

Joel Murphy:

This has some great production quality to it! GREAT animation as well!!!! I am a fan! Hope you do well

Noyan Özkan:

i place my bet on this one... this work has the best approach and execution..

my only critic is the eyes are require more blinks and head needs a bit drag.

maybe a bit too much pose to pose but still thats what this months sound requires.. gj mate.

Dominic Rayner:

Some impressive animation, last two shots best, other parts might benefit with variation in pacing as it is too intense.

Amin Bahari:

Well done! one of the best this month. I think you managed your twinning well.

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice concept!! Grate job

Tianyu Chen:


Lukasz Wenc:

cool style, one of the best entries, animation could be more fluid tough


love the timing in this one! My only real critique for this is that in the beginning he's snapping from pose to pose a little to much, you might think about taking out a pose or two to make it flow smoother. Other than that, I Iove it :)

Imon Branch:

wow that was awesome