Final Rating: 7.53. Finished 5 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: paul eliscupides

Description: Yup, they sure look like prisoners!

Special thanks to the following rigs...
Flour Sack Rig by Joe Daniels
Chicken Rig by Amin Sadeghvand
B-boy Rig by Rodrigo Ribeiro

Experience: about 10

Time taken: 2 weeks on and off


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Keshav kourav:

very good ...all the best

Pamela Rivera:

One of my favorites. The way the chicken moves is super cute. I love the walk of the red guy, it feels so natural and with weight. And the design of the robot is also nice!

Adriana Manquero:

I really like this! Just, in some moments, it looks like if they teletransported. If you want to give off the cartoonish vibe, there are certain tricks (mostly squash) that can help you out to make the animation seem plausible

Michaela Dawn:

Movement is great. Could be smoother.

Christopher Winn:

I like the stop motion feel of the robot and secondary characters but the main guy in red is splined. this stark contrast in styles makes the composition feel off


top 3

Robert Pettersson:

Wow, well done! Some great mechanics and natural acting in the main char.

Elliott Gibson II:

love the style and medium mixture here....really cool!
Nice subtle movements from Robot Man.


Nathaniel Vaughan:

Smooth animation for the main red character, though the choppy animations of the other characters is noticeably distracting.

Javid Fathi:

Fun acting and limited animation style. Rare sight amongst CGI animators. Your staging actually accentuates the secondary "prisoner" characters from frame 60 onwards (works really well till about frame 110), so perhaps giving your red character a slight step back with the robot's response would return focus to the conflict of the scene. Great work!

Michael Smith:

Likd the design

William Barry Eggington:

I loved the mixed styles. Beautiful work.

Brian W.:

Very nice.

Kyle Newton:

It's really impressive that you got a lot of disparate character rigs to feel cohesive in one scene.

Yuri Covissi:


Aaron McGriff:

Nice body acting on the red guy especially. The robot popping around made it a little distracting to watch. With that many characters this might have worked better with camera cuts. Nice work.

Howard Cameron:

Gooosh! thats beautiful!