Final Rating: 4.78. Finished 70 out of 218 entries.

438 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gabrielle Nonnenmacher

Description: Well, SOMEONE had to take care of the bunnies!

Experience: Junior

Time taken: around 12 hours


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Pamela Rivera:

hahha this is a nice concept. but I think you should work more on the expression of his face when he asks "this are prisoners?"

Kyle Newton:

interesting interpretation of the dialogue. I'd like to see more attention on the character animation though.

Imani Jay:

Your cuts to different shots is a bit off. Instead of starting off with showing the face of the character. A better alt. could have been to show the cats first - then pan up or do a quick zip up to the main characters face looking around nervously. And the next cut of the cats again made me think that the cats were the one speaking in that robotic voice and not the speaker. But the ending was funny and I liked how you executed it!

Ben Hall:

could use more movement and poses the zooming out and cutting away from the character really rob this from having more opportunities for animation