Final Rating: 2.46. Finished 206 out of 218 entries.

415 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gabriella Peralta

Description: Drama students participating in an improv class.

Experience: About 9 months using Maya

Time taken: 15 days


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Michaela Dawn:

Take it out of stepped animation.

Elizabeth Dik:

It's super pop-y. The thing i can think of on a living body that snaps is eye (iris/pupil) movement. Try to focus on smoothing out the movements

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Everything feels mechanical.

Brian W.:

You're getting it. You've got the essentials down. Keep at it.

Kyle Newton:

It's like you couldn't commit between stepped animation and auto. It's not a pleasant combination.

Ben Hall:

Need 12 principles of animation here