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Should've Taken Your Joy

by Felicia Gean

Final Rating: 4.05. Finished 127 out of 330 entries.

280 views including the voting period.


Animator: Felicia Gean

Description: An exchange between former 'friends'.

Character designs are mildly altered designs of the Bobby and the Doctor enemies from Compulsion Games' "We Happy Few", which I received permission to use.

Experience: Almost an entire semester's worth of an 'Intro to 2D Animation' class.

Time taken: The better part of the month.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Mike Schanbacher:

Too bad this is unfinished, the scenario is really cool. Nice work.

Zach Savaglio:

Like the 2D style! I would have liked to see a completed version though! Keep it up!

Tom Islava:

Couldn 't finish it in time?

Brianna Shepherd:

I love this. The clean up looks like its going to be a really nice finished piece! Keep it up! :)

Jessica Cain:

Interesting idea, interesting story, interesting framing.