Final Rating: 6.31. Finished 19 out of 330 entries.

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Animator: Janice Lee Carter

Description: A stuffed bear is emotionless after his companion betrayed their friendship by chopping off his eye.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Richard Adams:

I love how clean, polished, and finished this feels. Character movement and lip syncing really good, too.

dogman nate:

OMG, I love that you managed to include a whole back story in this!!! I actually laughed out loud. The visuals are great, the little pieces of humor are great too (the button flying off, hiding the scissors). My only critique is that the very end could have been a little "bigger" - the scissors-bear is borrowing an insult and flinging at someone he has already wounded - it would be great if he could look a little more like he's actually insulting someone. Overall though this is great!

Amanda Hildisheim:

Be careful of smears! They can be tricky. To make them work I always find you need a anticipation then one frame of the normal build towards the smear (I know you do have a anticipation and some frames to the smear but I think just one frame near the smear would of sold it more and having the smear in 1fr instead of two), second frame is the smear, third is a smaller smear but close to the recovery then a settle and don't forget secondary on ears. Overall I love the design! It's adorable. And enjoyed the setup of this screen and great story!!!

cesar ramirez jr:

I like your shapes and art overall. The environmental storytelling with the scissors is good. The movements feel a bit odd in terms of what is being said, but you hold the poses and they are clearly read.

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

nice one