Final Rating: 6.73. Finished 11 out of 282 entries.

35,747 views including the voting period.


Animator: George John Bowden

Description: Featuring Malcolm, Grey Matter and Props from Turbo Squid.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 47 Hours


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Bret Kauppila:

Very good! It's a shame that the lip-syncing of "frustratingly you" is off.

Frank O Bear:

Lovely exaggeration. Great staging.

Bo Ming Xu:

Very nice looking animation and I love the cartoony feel! There are some frames in the lipsync where you're not hitting the vowels or moth shapes are hard where they should be. I love the acting and the added glasses on the character. The foreground element is nice too. But when Malcolm snaps the pencil I missed it completely the first time I watched it. I only noticed after analyzing it. It would make that part much more readable if you move the right hand in space or shook it just for a few flames implying force. Like, have the hand drop maybe even half an inch so that we know his muscles are contracting due to his anger or frustration.

Sanamani Singh:

Good acting

Rémi Elart:

So expressive!! Good animation

Mike M.:

The over use of the glasses is a bit too much. Maybe be at best, have it fall twice, not three times. I like the subtle movements of the hands.