Final Rating: 3.01. Finished 186 out of 228 entries.

283 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brent Van Looveren

Description: A man gets carried away by a hot air balloon.

Experience: Nearly one year as a student at DAE Howest

Time taken: About 15-20 hours


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Noah Nies:

Good start. It's a little difficult for me to interpret what's happening visually because the characters' movement are pretty subtle for how far away the camera is to the action. We lose a lot of the expression and lip sync you did. I see the effort tough, and I think some easy fixes would remedy most of that. I promise, a closer shot panning out into this when the balloon starts moving would let you show off your hard work. Still, great job.

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Would've liked to have been closer to the characters, perhaps added more camera angles.

Tyler Croteau:

Good animations but adding more camera angles and lipsync would sell it to a professional.