Final Rating: 4.22. Finished 89 out of 228 entries.

323 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marcela Bragagnolo

Description: 3D animation with Maya. Inspired by people that I loved.

Experience: Graduating next month in animation and interactive media

Time taken: 12 hours.


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Rohit Jagtap:

Good animation on Old lady, where is lip-synch ???


excellent motion, but the amount of energy expressed in the shot and the characters don't match the audio which makes watching this very jarring. But if there is one thing on the motion I would mention its that the older lady's feet are clearly not planted, they're sliding across the floor in physics defying ways.

Donald Marks:

Mocap doesn't help your scene. :(

Dave Roddick:

Dancing woman no lip sync.



Richard Adams:

The way you animated her dancing is pretty amazing. She moves SO well.


if your going to use motion capture the least you could do it have it actually be useful in the animation.

Alex Spenny:


Elisabeth Janerka:

Huh? Funny, but why the dancing?

Fer B:

animated ballet!! excellent!!