Final Rating: 5.82. Finished 30 out of 228 entries.

405 views including the voting period.


Animator: JiHyeon Kim

Description: A man takes his mother to a flower field.
And he talk to his mother who doesn't remember this man.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 2 Weeks


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Dave Roddick:

Well-done, but I would have liked to see the other person animated as well.

Hannah Cao:

I really like the subtlety of his last expression! It really conveys a nostalgic sadness, great job.

Carlos Guadarrama:

This one has a lot of potential, try to overshoot on your sudden movements so they don't hit invisible walls on your transitions

Jessica Mehler:

I love this one. Really lovely subtle character animation. Giving him something to do while talking was definitely a good choice. I wish we could have seen who he was talking to but otherwise great!

Charly Laurent:

Nice emotional touch at the end.

Aaron Clement:

Maybe we could see who he's talking to. Good acting.

Arindam K Dutta:

Good work on his eyes. Although wish you animated the other voice's character too