Final Rating: 7.61. Finished 4 out of 228 entries.

7,740 views including the voting period.


Animator: sebastian ciubuca

Description: Grema fools around

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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sebastian ciubuca:

with how much do you sell a kg of your talent?

Paraskevi Koutalou:

I love the cat!

Parker Rodormer:

Awesome job! It looks like it's straight from a TV show!

bhanu g:

haha . thats a fun granny you've animated there . in the end you could try delaying the guy's susprised take till after she puts the cream on his nose . now the reaction seems a little too early . ALso with the cat , its angry expression could come in after completing the bite and realizing that it didnt get any cake , now its happening at the same time .

Joshua Morley:

The production value here is so good! Loved it!! Thought I was seeing a section from a tv show


Let the cat eat!

Varun Boomboi:

LOVE IT!! love all the subtexts! nice job.. was very entertained

Razam Ali:

Wao its very nice .i love it .and i think you are winner .

Arindam K Dutta:

damn! looks something out of CN

Aaron Clement:

Decent. I like it!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Very cute style and animation!

Victor Fina 2:

Best drawn-out animation and execution.