Final Rating: 4.75. Finished 82 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Skye R.

Description: This project was a part of my animation class, I had a lot of fun with it and am happy with how it turned out.

Experience: 4 years, studying in college for animation degree

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Brittany H. Simpson:

The details you have in your animation are nice and really set up the place and theme. The character design is fun. Everything just seems to work. It seems like the pizza movement off screen is a bit abrupt. Awesome job overall.

Zachary Lussier:

i like the animation and the fluidity, the animation can be more good if the overall mouvement will be increast. Good job

Éloise Valiquette:

Your animation runs smoothly and I love your choice of color for the animation!


The animation is pretty good, especially ay the man getting up and walking away part! Pretty smooth too!


Interesting style! It would be nice to see the man try and stand up 2 different ways than the same way both time. I'd also practice drawing hands a bit, as it looks like her hands flipped upside-down instead of the palms up like you're going for. Part of the issue is the thumbs look bigger than the other fingers but also the pose of the fingers.

Simon Côté:

great lipsync :)

Anthony Abou Rezk:

I love this 2D animation style, but it's a little simple with a bit more time you could have made something great!