Final Rating: 4.78. Finished 79 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: optinik

Description: sometimes shadows are not just shadows

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 8-10 hour


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Eline Verhaeghe:

Fun concept

Brittany H. Simpson:

Nice handling of a quadruped walk cycle. I also thought your narrative choice was clever. I might suggest moving the camera a bit farther from the character, just because it seems a little close to me.


I thought the shadow was going to change after going through the black section. I think that would have made this way better. Lip syncing could have been better, but overall cool idea and nice work!

Jordan Kiep:

Clever take but could use some more expressive emotion.


Very creative! It suggests an interesting story.

Chirag Aggarwal:

Nice Idea

Éloise Valiquette:

I find your idea of ​​using the dog's shadow as a second character really interesting! Si vous voulez améliorer votre animation vous pouvez revoir la marche de votre chien en regardant une référence !


I love the idea that the dog is talking to his shadow! But if that's truly what's happening, it seems like the shadow should be mimicking his motions throughout, almost like he's got a split personality or something. I'd watch some video reference of a dog walking as well, because right now the walks feel robotic.

Zachary Lussier:

i like the concept behind your animation, but i think the facials can be better, overall good animation.

Simon Côté:

the dog is not waking correctly but good fluidity ;)

Anthony Abou Rezk:

Nice! I think the facial expressions could use some improvement, and the lip-sync could be clearer, but overall this is not bad!